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Adoption of chapels

Since the 18th century, the construction of individual chapels and churches was made possible thanks to private and corporate donors – such as Emperor Francis Stephen of Lorraine, St. Michael Adit mining company, and municipal councilors. In a similar way, our goal is to engage families, businesses, and municipalities in the care of Calvary by means of adoption of individual objects.

Individual chapels are in varying states of repair, on average, reconstruction of each would cost about €36,000 – 47,000, and full recovery is expected to take several years. Therefore, donors are required to assist us in financing, to assure the smooth functioning of the entire reconstruction project. Donors can adopt a chapel, either alone or in collaboration with other smaller donors. Donations can be made as a lump sum, or as a series of smaller contributions.

The total cost of the renovation of the chapel must account for the fact that they are placed in a very exposed terrain with costly supply and disposal of construction waste.

Typical costs are as follows:

€ 500 historical research

€ 1,200 to 2,400 repairing moisture damage to the foundation

€ 8,500 restoration of cornice, castings of architectural parts (about 3000 kg!)

€ 3,500 removal of cement plaster, external plaster restoration

€ 3,500 re-covering the roof

€ 2,000 electrification, illumination


€ 12,000 copies manufacture of copies of the wooden bas-relief

€ 5,000 to 15,000 restoration of the original bas-relief

A minimum annual contribution of € 1,000 is required in order to display the adopter’s name on the chapel. In addition, these benefactors will automatically be presented as a local project partner, and will be acknowledged on the website in the „Thanks to donors‘ section and the list of donors to the exhibition of the Lower Church Calvary (if they do not want to remain anonymous). Each adoption will be confirmed with signed contract.

The chapel which at present has no adopter is chapel 17 – The Holy Sepulchre.

Although other chapels already have their adopters, as the actual cost of their comprehensive recovery is beyond the scope of individual donors, it is possible to adopt some of them as well.

Similarly, there is a future plan for adoption of the Holy Steps, Upper Church, Prison and the Lower church (for the years 2008 to 2017 it is already adopted by the VUB Foundation). The scope and terms of such an agreement are negotiable.

The Calvary Fund reserves the right to accumulate funds raised by adoption, so that individual investments were made at a time and only at the time when it will guarantee the acquisition of the entire amount needed. The Calvary Fund also reserves the right to use a maximum of 20% of the collected amount for parts of the broader restoration efforts, which do not yet have a partner and are considered urgent.

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If interested in adoption and receiving more comprehensive information, please contact us!

For other means of support please see Adoption of Statues and Other Forms of Support. Thank you!