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Adoption of statues

In its 7 years of existence, the Calvary Fund has so far managed to restore about half of the objects on the Calvary. Work on the reconstruction started with the Lower Church and continued gradually via restoration of individual chapels and finally to the Upper Church.

The aim of the Calvary Fund is not only to physically restore the churches and chapels of the complex, but also return them to their original form by including the uniquely artistic baroque scenery, created by life-size wood and stone sculptures of scenes from both the Old and New Testaments.

A number of these rare statues and sculptures were damaged by vandals, the ravages of time or have been ruthlessly stolen, which hampers our intent to ensure that the Calvary will fulfill its essential liturgical function.

We therefore found it necessary to compile a catalog of the original sculptural decoration of the Calvary and after its completion, we found the total number of sculptures and original art elements missing to be 60 sculptures and 18 artistic elements (reliefs, obelisks, etc..). Of this total, nine statues have been preserved, although manufacture of a copy is required, and eight other sculptural elements of interior and exterior of the churches is so damaged as to require extensive restoration. The restoration of all surviving elements and manufacture of the copies of the missing statues together cost a total of 653,700 euros!

To assist with the needed financing, we are now presenting “The adoption catalog – the missing statues of Calvary” (as of now available only in Slovak), which will give the culturally concerned the Christian public of Slovakia the opportunity to symbolically adopt individual sculptures or art elements, thereby contributing to their restoration. Restored sculptures and elements will forever decorate the interior of chapels and churches so that the Calvary regains its original artistic form and liturgical significance.

For your generosity and contributions to the restoration of the original decoration of the churches we thank you in advance!

How to adopt:

With respect to the adoption of particular pieces, the terms and conditions of the adoption will be contractually agreed with the Calvary Fund.

If interested in adoption and receiving more comprehensive information, please contact us!

List of individual sculptures and elements for adoption:

Statue of St. Peter – stone sculpture on the Lower church

Statue of St. Paul – stone sculpture on the Lower church

Heads of angels – facade of the Lower church
4 heads of angels – The Chapel of the sacred heart of Jesus
Statue of dead JesusThe Chapel of the sacred heart of Jesus
2 statues of adoring angelsThe Chapel of the sacred heart of Jesus
4 statues of the main altar – The Chapel of the last supper
Side altar statue of baby Jesus – The Lower church
Side altar founding of the holy cross – The Lower church
Sculpture of Pieta – The Chapel of the sorrowful heart of the Virgin Mary
Statue of laying Maria Magdalena The Chapel of the sorrowful heart of the Virgin Mary
Adoring angelsThe Chapel of the sorrowful heart of the Virgin Mary
Stone obelisk – Holy stairs
Altar and shrine – Holy stairs
Statue of Pilate – Ecce Homo
Statue of Christ I – Ecce Homo
Statue of soldier I – Ecce Homo
Statue of Christ II – Ecce Homo
Statue of soldier II – Ecce Homo
Mocker I – Ecce Homo
Mocker II – Ecce Homo a Ĺľalár
Mocker with chain – Ecce Homo
Portal on the fasade of the Upper church
3 statues bellow the cross – Upper church
Statues of 3 crucified and crosses – Upper church
Altar and the spirits in the purgatory – Upper church
reliefs with Maria Magdalena and St. Peter – Upper church
Statues of angels – Jesus´Tomb
3 women – Jesus´Tomb
Pieces from altarJesus´Tomb
Statue of  Jesus Jesus´Tomb