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Thanks to donors

General Partners:

As soon as early 2008, only a few weeks after the restoration of the Calvary Fund, the recovery of Calvary acquired a general partner when the VUB Foundation committed to a 10 year partnership. Overall, it will support the rehabilitation of Calvary with the sum of € 663,878 and each year releases € 66,387. The VUB Foundation also provided university grants in the amount of € 33,194 in order to support historical research required before the work could commence.

Another general sponsor is the World Monuments Fund, which has contributed the sum of $ 366,000 for restoration of chapels and the facades of the Lower church.

Another major donor is the Slovak Ministry of Culture, which contributed to the restoration during the years 2008-2012 with a total amount of € 583,090.

In 2011, we gladly accepted a gift from the another general partner, Stredoslovenská Energetika (Mid-Slovakia Electricity), as the company agreed to provide the sum of € 150,000, which will be gradually released over five years to help finance further work on the Calvary. These funds will be used mainly for the electrification of the entire area, for lighting and also for the creation of a video security system.

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Other major donors:

COMBIN Banská Ĺ tiavnica – € 27,000.

The Headley Trust, United Kingdom – € 30,000

ESPRIT, Ltd. – € 10,000

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The Youth in Action and ERASMUS+ programs of the EU umbrella European Voluntary Service.

Private donors:

In addition to major sponsors, a number of individual donors have contributed to the restoration project. One form of such assistance is the project of  „adoption“ of chapels, inspired by the history of the original construction of the Calvary in the 18th century, when the building of the chapels and churches was funded by private and corporate donors.

The modern adoption project was launched in 2009, and donors committed to adoption once or over several years donate € 10,000 to restore individual chapels. During the years 2009-2010 we recieved donations totaling € 118,241.

Adopters of individual chapels, statues and buildings are as follows:

Lower Church and its surroundings – VUB foundation and the Obernauer family from Bratislava

Statue of Maria Magdalene in the tombadopted by Katarína Eva Čániová from the Red tent in Košice

Chapel 2 –The devil tempts Jesus – original donor Count Jan Nepomuk MitrovskĂ˝ – the current donor is UNIMEDIA Ltd.

Chapel 3 – Jesus washes the Apostles´ feet – the original donor was The Municipal Miners Association of Stiavnica – current donors are companies Accenture and IBM and Mrs. Ing.  A.Cabáková, nee Kašiarová

Chapel 7 – Jesus on the Mount of Olives – the original donor was the family of Senator Joseph Brean, who was mayor of Stiavnica when construction began – today it is adopted by sisters Emilia and Magda Vášáryová

Chapel 9 – Judas betrays Jesus – the original donors were mayors Pirolt and M. Masoch and burgher M. Fiedler – current donor is family Panek from Hôrky

Chapel 10 – Caiaphas condemns Jesus – the chapel was built by the City Councillor Charles Lorberer. Current Donor is the family of Igor Lupták from Poprad

Chapel 11 – Herod mocks Jesus – the original donor was Count Bartholomew von Folk Hechengarten, born in Oberndorf, Austria. The current donor is Dr. Zdenka Priputerová, PhD. nee Miertušová (posthumously)

Chapel 12 – The flogging of Jesus – a chapel built with a gift of merchant Mark James Markini from Italy, who was mayor of Banska Stiavnica from 1748-1750. Nowdays it is adopted by the families of Ing. Viktor Karel, Ing. Daniel Knotek, Ing. John Dudas, Ing. Thomas Trcka of Bratislava and the family of Ing. Ivan Trcka from Pezinok

Chapel 13Ecce Homo – The original donors were the families of two city councilors: Grueber and Krečmary. Current donor is anonymous, from Banska Štiavnica

Chapel 14 – Jesus carrying his cross – the original donor is unknown. At present adopted by the partner city of B. Ĺ tiavnica HĂĽnenberg in Switzerland and Ondrej Skladan from Banská Ĺ tiavnica

Chapel 15 – Jesus nailed to the cross – above the entrance is the coat of arms of the President of the Court Chamber in Vienna – Count Charles – Ferdinand Königsegg Erps. Current donor is the family of Doc. Ing. Otto Berger from Bratislava

Chapel 17 – Jesus´ Tomb – current donor is Ms. Dana KondrĂłtová from Bratislava

Chapel 18 – Circumcision of our Lord –Gift of an unknown burgher. Chapel has been adopted by company ESPRIT, Ltd. from Banská Štiavnica and family of Ing. Ľudovít Kaník from Banská Štiavnica

Chapel 19 – Flight to Egypt – original donor is unknown. Current Donors are the Harmony Pharmacy and the family of Hana Vrabcová from Bratislava

Chapel 20Twelve year old Jesus in the Temple – The chapel was built by Earl Koháry of Sv. Anton. Currently, it is adopted by the family of Pavol BalĹľanka and company way consulting, s.r.o.

Chapel 21 – Jesus‘ meets his Mother – The chapel was built by urban senator John Ignatius Faulhauer. Today’s donor is the family of Peter Paška from Bratislava

Chapel 22 – The Virgin Mary in the shadow of the Cross – According to one of the composite coat of arms, one of donors was Count Ignaz von Kempf Angren, Count of the Chamber as well as a member of the College of Mines and Mining in Vienna. The chapel is now adopted by Ing. Mary SvetĂ­ková of Nová Dedina

Chapel 23 – Mary weeps over Jesus´ body – This chapel was built by Emper or Francis Stephen of Lorraine. Current Donor is the Rajec family from Bratislava

Chapel 24 – Jesus is laid in the tomb – Original donor was townsman John Ignatius Lang, who held various functions in the City. Current donor is the family of Ing. Michael Galbavý from Šala.

The sculpture of theVirgin Mary has been adopted by Jonaš, Hata, Christopher and Thomas Vicherkovi from Prague, an anonymous donor from Banska Stiavnica, Mrs. Marta Cibulová, née Jányová born in Banska Bela,and an anonymous family from Nitra.

A € 1,000 contribution to restore the Calvary was recieved from:

  •  Family Deáková-Veronika and Eduard
  • Pavol and Gabriela Vanin