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Dear visitors!

Welcome to the website dedicated to the Calvary of Bansk├í ┼átiavnica, where you can learn about its history, the ongoing project of its renewal and the „life“ of this monument at present.

The Calvary of Bansk├í ┼átiavnica is a complex of sacral buildings in the baroque style, consisting of three churches, nineteen chapels and statuary of the Virgin Mary. It is located on a hill in the middle of the ┼átiavnica volcano and is the dominant architectural feature of the UNESCO-listed town of Bansk├í ┼átiavnica.

The purpose of Calvary was to present the events of the Passion of Christ the form of a number of paintings, frescoes, sculptures, wooden and stone portals that helped pilgrims feel more intensely the depth and meaning of those happenings. These artistic scenes brought these events to life for the people, at a time well before modern developments like TV and the Internet.

The contruction of the Calvary began in1751 and was led by local Jesuits. It was a key component of local religious life for 200 years. In 1951 the Calvary was nationalized by the communist regime and subsequently it began to deteriorate the ravages of time and people.

This unfavorable situation prompted some activists from the Society of ’91 and Slovak Scouting to reverse the trend toward the destruction of this monument. The year 2007 saw a major achievement in the inclusion of the Calvary in the the World Monument FundÔÇÖs list of the 100 most endangered monuments in the world. This has attracted the interest of the public and helped restore the functioning of the Calvary Fund. The Calvary Fund leads the restoration process and is working to return the religious and cultural life to this place.

We believe that you will find useful information on this page and look forward to your visit to our Calvary. During the beautiful trip to this magical place we recommend that you visit the Information center at the base of the Calvary, or exhibition in the Lower church premises, or visit the exhibition „Calvary in Asylum“ located in the Old Castle museum in the centre of the town, where all rescued originals are on display.

On this page you will also find information on how you can contritute our efforts.